Red Dot Platform – An experimental hybrid art space

The Red Dot Platform project aroused as a result of a constant search for different ways for proposing art projects of social awareness characteristics.

After being suspicious of the different strategies that project within the trend of socially engaged art are using in order to accomplish their goals I decided to architect a project that will explore until which point contemporary art can have an effective contribution to social matters.

Trying to scape from proposing a more tactical project which could go on line with my previous strategies, my current proposal aims to be an active provider having constant change and critical thinking as tools for the designing of sustainable international exchanges that could contribute to the analysis of the subject rather than attempting to come up with a formula for success. Being myself in a hybrid intercontinental space, a Peruvian artist based in Sweden and currently connected with a Swedish and a Peruvian art school, I find this situation extremely beneficial for the consolidation of a new art space.

‘Red Dot Platform’ lands in-between Peruvian and Swedish art scenes, having on one end the logistic support of Art Academy ‘Corriente Alterna’ (Peru) and on the other end the premises of the platform ‘Organising Discourse’ of curator Magnus Ericson (SE).

This initiative develops as an annex to ‘Organising Discourse’, discursive platform administrated by Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Sweden and has the intention to work closely in the develop of knowledge through critical thinking.

The experimental artistic platform ‘Red Dot Platform’ has the intention to function as an experimental space for the connection and interaction of different discourses on diverse disciplines as well as a merging element of the diverse art scenes that will intervene through their active participation on displays as well as through the input of their future guests.

Taking an interdisciplinary conversational strategy a series of workshops, exhibitions, lectures and events in general are scheduled in order to architect the consolidation of this new place for discussion as well as for questioning the relevance of the need and existence of similar initiatives for the different scenes that is aiming to target.

Red Dot Platform had its first event on June 2015 and the second one is scheduled for December 2015. For this second one the idea is to organize a conversation that could target different artists who use different strategies but referring to similar subjects.

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