Schedule 2015
Overview of lectures and workshops

21 – 23 January, Introduction Week
Course introduction and Self-presentations

11 – 13 February, Silvia Franceschini: ‘GLOBAL TOOLS 1973-1975: When Education will coincide with Life’
Lecture and workshop
Self-presentations, research project presentations
Italian researcher and curator Silvia Franceschini explores approaches to research and education as forms of discursive platforms. Here through the historical example of how Global Tools was developed as an experimental art and design counterschool in the early 1970’s Italy.

4 – 6 March, Can Altay: ‘Setting a Setting’
Lecture and workshop
Self-presentations, research project presentations
Istanbul based artist and architect Can Altay looks at developing space and situations. Based on the idea of “Setting a setting”  Can Altay discusses around different examples developed in various contexts, from the art space exhibitions and projects tosocial and urban interventions. The workshop aims at developing new settings in relation to the course.

25 – 27 March, Onkar Kular: ‘Snowflakes/’The cathartic institution: Doubling Konstfack’
Lecture and workshop
The lecture looks at the research and practice of the British designer Onkar Kular. The lecture is used as an opportunity to map out a landscape of research in relation to his current role as Stanley Picker Fellow for Design at Kingston University, UK.
In the workshop ‘The cathartic institution: Doubling Konstfack’ we look at what happens when you take an existing format or activity out of its natural context and place within another site that has alternative environmental and structural conditions?

15 – 17 April, Emily Pethick (with Céline Condorelli): ‘The Showroom/Thinking Organisations’
Lecture and workshop
looks the
The lecture looka at organization of a small-scale art space and how it operates. Emily Pethick, director of The Showroom in London, will talk about how it has developed over the recent years through various collaborations.
The workshop aims att studying  different models of small scale visual arts organisations through visits to a number of Stockholm’s arts spaces – Index, Tensta Konsthall, Konsthall C and Marabouparken – and through presentations of two organisations in the UK, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, with Céline Condorelli, and The Showroom, London.

6 – 8 May, Otto von Busch & Per Herngren: ‘Realdesign and Civic Crafts/Recursive Resistance’
Lecture and workshops
+ seminars with Staffan Lundgren and Bettina Schwalm

The lecture looks at how craft and design can function as platforms for action.
Designer Otto von Otto von Busch speaks about how to possibly mobilise for justice.
The workshop ‘Recursive Resistance’ will examine how a recursive perspective oneveryday objects and practices can help frame modes of resistance and liberation through creative practices. We will mix discussions, experimentation and exercises to think and test how our own practices could trigger various levels of societal change.

27 – 29 May, Mariana Pestana: ‘Alternative Possible Worlds’
Lecture and workshop
Portuguese architect and curator Mariana Pestana looks at how one can use reality and fiction in creating discursive spaces.
In the workshop ‘What Could Have Been? Contextualizing and re-contextualizing everyday objects by creating fictional scenarios’ she asks the question: What could an object have been in another possible world? What happens when you depart from an existing object and imagine an alternative historical, social or political context to situate it? By reimagining the conditions in which a particular object might have been produced and used (against those in which it is produced and used), we will reflect upon notions of contextualization and display in curatorial practice.

Summer Break

2 – 4 September, Repair Society: Ringvägen
Research session
Reserach session to prepare for workshop/project ‘Repair Society: Ringvägen’ with Dutch curator Joanna van der Zanden. Reserach on the topic and locality of Ringvägen, Stockholm. The workshop is held at FFAR (forum för arkitektur) at Ringvägen 141.

16 – 18 September, Emily Roysdon: ‘Here We LTTR’
Workshop and text peer review
This workshop circulates around the NYC based artist collective LTTR, an example of an artist initiated platform combining editorial work and knowledge gathering for an annual journal with performance series, events, screenings and collaborations. In the Tensta Konsthall’s exhibition ‘Here we LTTR’ we will meet with founding member, artist and professor at Konstfack Emily Roysdon for a guided tour and conversation around LTTR and the exhibition.

30 September – 3 October, Joanna van der Zanden: ‘Repair Society: Ringvägen’
Workshop and lecture
Repair Society: Ringvägen is a temporary open research platform and workshop about Repair. It’s related to the on-going project ‘Repair Society’ and part of Organising Discourse. Between 30th September and 3rd October it manifests itself as a public space for research, workshops, debates and presentations at FFAR (forum för arkitektur), Ringvägen 141 in Stockholm.

8 October, Axel Wieder: Re-visiting Open Form (on Oskar Hansen)
Introduction lecture
This lecture will focus on the theory of Open Form, introduced by the Polish visionary architect, artist and urban theorist Oskar Hansen, and its role for experimental pedagogy and new relationships of users and architecture. The lecture is an introduction to the upcoming workshop.

20 – 22 October, Axel Wieder: Re-visiting Open Form Workshop
Project proposal presentation/tutorial (22 Oct.)
The workshop will use the theory of Open Form, introduced by the Polish visionary architect, artist and urban theorist Oskar Hansen, as a starting point to investigate the potential for design and pedagogy to create new relationships to architecture and the city.

5 – 6 November, Cenk Dereli
Projekt proposal presentations/tutorials + lecture and workshop intro
Download meeting PDF: Organising Discourse meeting 9
Download workshop PDF: Organising Discourse Dereli Workshop

5 November (all in Room S2 at Konstfack)
9 – 12.00 Project proposal presentation/tutorial
13 – 16.00 Repair Society documentation and reflection
17 – 18.00 (aprox) lecture/presentation with Cenk Dereli
Then possible after-drink together with Cenk at Landet

6 November (at Iaspis)
9 – 16 workshop with Cenk Dereli

19 – 20 November, Cenk Dereli
Meedia workshop continues (part 2) with Cenk Dereli (both days at Iaspis)
More information soon.

3 – 4 December, Axel Wieder: Re-visiting Open Form Workshop

Download workshop PDF: Organising Discourse Wieder Workshop
More information soon. See above.

14 – 15 Januari, Final Presentations/Examination
At FFAR, Ringvägen 141, Guest Critic Bettina Schwalm


Thursday 14 January (FFAR, Ringvägen 141)
9 – 12, 3 presentations
13 – 16, 3 presentations

Friday 15 January:
10 – 12, 2 presentations
13 – 16, 3 presentations

Download Meeting PDF with details about the presentation requirements: Organising Discourse project presentation