Website Manual

In this section you will find information about how to use this website for sharing your work, comments, events etc.

The most basic information you’ll find in the PDF-manusl kindly put together by Mansooreh. Download Manual here> Manual OrgDis website

This is what you may use the website for:

Your section (presenting your project and related information)
Please upload your project with title, short summary/abstract and your Bio (See Nefeli as an template). Then also your recent project description, either as text or as a PDF (as a new Post). Then you may upload any material you may find useful to share (as new Posts). Before the end of the course you are supposed to also upload your final presentation documentation here as a PDF.

Blog (charing informations and creating discussions)
Post here relevant information on your ongoing project that you like to share (as an pointer to your new posts in your own section), or related issues that you think is interesting to share. Posts can be commented as to create a discussion.

Post news about workshops and projects related to the course will also be put here.

Events (charing events like exhibitions, lectures etc. and creating discussions)
Post suggestions to events that you think is relevant to the group here. You may also comment to create a discussions or similar.

PLEASE NOTE that you have to set category for your posts in Dashboard to make them visible in the right section. New posts in Blog and Evensts will be followed by a notification by e-mail to the group (but not when postingĀ  in your own section).