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Anne Pfennig: DISHCOURSE – Interdisciplinary dinner talks

‘DISHCOURSE’ is a series of dinners, inviting practitioners from different creative disciplines into private locations in Sweden, Germany and beyond. The project functions as an informal social platform, enabling and exploring discursive encounters for interdisciplinary exchange within the fields of art, architecture, crafts, design and beyond. The project was initiated in spring 2015 by the course participants Anne Pfennig, Jonatan Lennman and Johanna Tysk. Since autumn 2015 Anne Pfennig is developing the format independently. For each upcoming DISHCOURSE she is collaborating with partners of different professional and local contexts. Together with the ‘co-host’ and related to his/her professional practice a (local) focus of interest is worked out. Based on the topic a set of guests, living (and working) in the direct district or city, is invited to the co-host’s home or work space to share a common meal and conversations.

Anne Pfennig M.A. works as an art mediator, cultural producer and organiser in Germany and Sweden. Recent locations of her education and practice are universities, museums, art-spaces, foundations and cultural projects in Stockholm, Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen and Oldenburg. Passionate about the fields of art, architecture and design her interests lie in the topics, practitioners and projects at the intersections of these disciplines. Thereby she tries to create space and moments for constructive dialogue, sharing knowledge and collaborative experience. Within professional contexts and beyond. Between practitioners and the broader social sphere.

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ORGANISING DISHCOURSE_ Anne Pfennig_January 2016