Marina Turmo: Building Ideas

My main focus is to research on the power that a setting has to give shape to our thoughts, memories and daydreams, consequently to our work.

When I started the course this search focused on the places like cabins that could host introspection. Places for solitude that would help focusing and propitiate creativity.

This path of search has changed little by little, affected by the course itself, and it has developed into the finding of a shared space. A space to work collectively as a way of enhancing creativity and shaking off our routines for a deeper dive into our work.

This place turned out to still be a cabin…

Marina Turmo Born in Holland, but raised in Madrid, Spain and now based in Stockholm. With an education in Fine Arts, and a passion for learning, is taking part now of the Masters Program in Visual Communication, in Konstfack, program with a focus on norm critique. Her interests are diverse, but all connected in one aspect: storytelling.

More information about Marina’s project here.



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