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Project Abstract

Jonatan Lennman: Building (a collective thing)

How can we claim our rights to access and understand the things and spaces around us? How can we deal with the complex structures that control them? Can we make it more simple together? Could it be more like cooking? ‘Building (a collective thing)’ is a series of workshops exploring the creation of temporary collectives or collaborations around design related issues. The verb “Building” in the title is understood as a collective process that creates both physical and social structures. By using that word i also claim that working together hands-on is a good way to meet (at least very interesting) and everyone should do it. The process of making with materials can bring up issues for discussion as well as it can allow conversation to take other forms than just words.

Jonatan Lennman is a product designer BA, educated at Beckmans College of Design. Further studies in art, architecture and gender at KTH and Konstfack, in addition to carpentry and D.I.Y projects inform his current practice which explores non-hierarchical, collaborative and self-reflective ways of doing design. He is also one of the co-organisers of recurring meetings of interdisciplinary exchange with art, architecture and other fields.

Project description PDF: Project proposal Jonatan Lennman version 2015-12-10