A process to shape a pedagogy platform for sustainability in emerging markets.


Asinda Platform was shaped during my participation at “Organizing discourse” at Konstfack. This platform aims to build a pedagogical model for teaching “sustainability for environments in critical stage” to design students in developing countries. Asinda is where to practice, how to transform the mindset to focus on the purpose of design and shift toward participatory design by learning to be the facilitator and translator of ideas. This platform will focus where a small  change can lead to fundamental  differences in the system as a whole and how could help to change direction of complex  socio-ecological systems to the basic goals of sustainability. How to recreate sustainability-related knowledge and use rethink design.


This project focuses on identifying and further developing  new forms of knowledge in  production and consumption  , and how this knowledge will apply to local trans-disciplinary  case studies. The main focus of this platform will revolve around contemporary social challenges- climate and environmental issues (mainly: drought and lack of water)- in Middle East specifically in Iran. Review of existing knowledge and experiences related to designs and opportunities of different forms of knowledge production to develop sustainability transformation. Gathering practical approaches as a fundamental source to establish advance methodology for the need of regional sustainability transformation.

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Mansooreh is an individual designer, born and raised in Tehran, moved to Sweden to to complete her studies in Design in 2010. In participation to an Organising Discourse program at Konstfack, she shaped a pedagogy platform for sustainability in emerging markets. Her approach to the topic is how design can contribute to strong sustainable innovative work in societies with little or no previous design experience. What type of design principle should designers develop so all culture, religion, ethnic and other sensitive aspect are included in the process, and can play their role in developing the learning network.