Project Abstract: Correspondence

CorrespondenceĀ is a publication and conversation, gathering work processes, methodologies and tools


There are moments in our work in which we hesitate, consider and critique.

We question the tools that guide our thinking, the invisible support to our practice.

We are interested in understanding the paths on which we place ourselves, not intended on the result, but rather differing thought processes.

We extend our curiosities to other fields, asking collaborators to answer our questions and to share their own doubts, as a collective.

Through discussing the question of process, we aim to make the creative support visible. The question does not have a universal answer, nor a clear resolution, but rather multiple points of view.

Correspondence is collecting different ways to think, focusing on how rather than what. As independent pieces existing for themselves, we gather mistakes, ignorance, naivety, unexpected discoveries, imperfections, failures, sketches, uncertainties, and drafts.

Gathering them on the same surface is an attempt to let them speak as open processes, able to discuss, between differing fields, practices and places.

Each one of the collaborators is invited to discuss a past or current project, a theoretical approach, or pieces from their work, in the form and time they want.

These voices together become a support structure to us.

This first gathering is an ongoing discussion.


Iris Lacoudre and Jennifer Heinfeld began their collaboration firstly with friendship, discussion and time. As architects and makers, they found reciprocity in their dialogue, challenging their own pedagogies and questioning the contemporary practice of their field. In August 2014, they left their respective architecture practices and moved to Dessau, Germany to participate in a collaborative research initiative through the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau. Through three months of research, studio momentum, communal living, and the conclusion of their work into an designed and curated exhibition, they returned to a place neither their homeland, to Stockholm, Sweden. Beginning in January 2015, they began a new working method and process at Konstfact, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

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