Repair Society Talks 2

EXPERIMENT STHLM + REPAIR: Inviting curator Jan Rydén from Färgfabriken
Moderators: Jonatan Lennman & Johanna Tysk

Experiment Stockholm is an on-going project that raises questions about and seeks to examine and experiment with strategies and solutions for dealing with the challenges of a rapidly growing Stockholm region, set at the art centre Färgfabriken. During the talk we discussed their repair of the missing communication links between art, politics, urban planning and architecture. Their methods and strategies include inviting a diverse mix of collaboration partners and stakeholders from the art sphere as well as the commercial and public sector. They also seek to use art to access all senses in an open process without too narrowly defined goals, opening up for the opportunity to ask questions. The process includes feedback loops to take the research further, hence the ambition of a broad inclusion of stakeholders, also politicians.

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