Repair Society: Ringvägen – a temporary open research platform

Time: 1 – 3 October, 2015
Venue: FFAR (forum för arkitektur)
Ringvägen 141 Stockholm. T-bana: Skanstull

Opening Hours: Thursday – Friday: 12 – 16.00, Saturday: 11 – 16.00



Thursday 1 Oct
12 – 16.00 The Museum of Repair
12 – 16.00 Repair Share
16.00 – 17.30 ‘Repair and the Social’, a conversation with local organisations Mötesplats Kupan Östgötagatan (Röda Korset ), Återvinnarna and Demokratipiloterna. Talk moderated by Jonatan Lennman and Johanna Tysk (Language: Swedish and English)
18.00 ‘Curation as social practice’, Public lecture/discussion with Joanna van der Zanden
(Language: English) The lecture is presented in collaboration with Iaspis.
19.30 ‘Glocal conversation’, a Skype talk with  architect Mauricio Corbalan, Buenos Aires (Language: English)

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Friday 2 Oct
12 – 15.00 The Museum of Repair
12 – 15.00 Repair Share
15.00 ‘Experiment Stockholm and Repair’, a conversation with Färgfabriken curator Jan Rydén about their current exhibition (Language: English)
17.00 ‘Repair – look in both directions, back and forward’, a conversation with journalist and writer Gunilla Lundahl (Language: English)
18.00 ‘Repair workshops – a missing link’
Conversation with Charlotta Kjerrström, founder of Kretsloppsateljén, Örebro (Language: Swedish and English)

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Saturday 3 Oct
11 – 16.00 Repair It Together (workshop with fika)
13.00  Opening of the Museum of Repair

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‘Repair and the Social’, Thursday 16.00
Återvinnarna, Mötesplats Kupan Östgötagatan and Demokratipiloterna are all non-profit
organisations working with social and sustainability issues.

‘Curation as social practice’, Thursday, 18.00
public presentation with Dutch curator Joanna van der Zanden

Joanna van der Zanden is an independent curator working for diverse cultural institutes and initiatives. She works thematically and cross-disciplinary, addressing societal issues and making use of diverse participatory practices. In this informal lecture she will share the learning’s and challenges of her practice by showing two current projects: Repair Society and Reinventing Happiness.

‘Glocal conversation’, Thursday 19.30
Skype talk with Mauricio Corbalan, m7red

m7red has been working over the last five years with a wide range of experts and non-experts, analysing, discussing, researching and making proposals on the most pressing political and urban topics.  In these talk we will go through different proposals to discuss how community- based interactions could be designed to actively involve the local community in issues of concern

‘Experiment Stockholm and Repair’, Friday 15.00
conversation with Jan Rydén

EXPERIMENT STOCKHOLM is an on-going project that raises questions about and seeks to
examine and experiment with strategies and solutions for dealing with the challenges of a
rapidly growing Stockholm region. Färgfabriken is a conjunction point of art, architecture and
urban development.

‘Repair – look in both directions, back and forward’
, Friday 17.00
conversation with  Gunilla Lundahl

Writer and journalist Gunilla Lundahl is invited to talk about historical and present aspects or repair and social issues connected to local civic engagement movements and urban development.

Repair workshops – a missing link, Friday 18.00
Founder of Kretsloppsateljén in Örebro, Charlotta Kjerrström talks about her practice,  shows examples of repair activities and gives some suggestions for the future.

Museum of Repair
, Thursday – Saturday
a temporary museum that collects the repaired, instead of searching for
the prepared

All the unique objects that managed to attain a new life through special
processes, all the relationships that were renewed instead of disposed,
all the things that weren’t thrown away when broken. We admire
the craft of repairing and we want to highlight knowledge and experience
about it.

You have something that has been repaired – an object, a photo or
just a story that you would like to contribute with, come and speak to
us, bring something to lend us, a photo, at text or send an e-mail.

Repair Share
, Thursday – Saturday
is collecting and connecting needs and knowledge about repair

We have all thoughts or wishes about what needs repair (or improvement)
but also own skills, experience or knowledge about others who have.
 What if we could make new connections in-between?

If You have thoughts and ideas around this let us know, come and speak
to us or send an e-mail.

Repair It Together
workshop, Saturday
is where we meet to talk and repair together

Open for all, this workshop is thought of as a place to primarily meet
and share thoughts and skills. Bring something to repair: a thing, a
thought, anything broken or not really working, a problem, an opportunity
or a skill, a tool, some material or just yourself. Fika to all