A couse partisipant’s project by: Iris Lacoudre and Jennifer Heinfeld

Hands, drawing by Iris Lacoudre

Hands, drawing by Iris Lacoudre

Correspondence is a discursive platform for artists, thinkers and makers to openly discuss their work processes, methodologies and tools. Beginning initially as a dialogue between peers, a publication manifested from those inceptive conversations, focusing on the invisible support to creative practice. Each collaborator is invited to discuss a past or current project, a theoretical approach, or pieces from their work, through their tools and process. As a collection of independent articles, Correspondence encourages different ways to think, focusing on how rather than what. It gathers mistakes, doubts, naivety, unexpected discoveries, imperfections, failures, drafts and uncertainties, to create a support structure for all involved.

#1 – Anna Benhamou – Random walk – Paris
#2 – Suzanne Stefan – Scales – Tucson
#3 – Lina Lagerström – Making Ermitage – Paris
#4 – Mari Kanstad Johnsen – Finds – Oslo
#5 – Jenny Richards & Jens Strandberg – Col-labor-ations – Stockholm
#6 – Tristan Zelic – Format – New York City
#7 – Cléo Tabakian & Ahmet Aggün – Cadavre exquis – Vienna
#8 – Akane Moriyama – Are you sure? – Stockholm
#9 – Gonzalo Arbutti – Collections – Buenos Aires
#10 – Sean Rudolph – A glass of milk – Los Angeles
#11 – Eric Dordan & Wenwen Cai – The roof is upside down – Bordeaux
#12 – Marina Turmo – Tool Alphabet – Stockholm

The publication will be available here soon in a PDF version.

Iris Lacoudre (FR/SE) and Jennifer Heinfeld (US/SE) began their collaboration firstly with friendship, discussion and time. As architects and makers, they found reciprocity in their dialogue, challenging their own pedagogies and questioning the contemporary practice of their field. In August 2014, they left their respective architecture practices and moved to Dessau, Germany to participate in a collaborative research initiative through the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau. After three months of research and the conclusion of their work into a designed and curated exhibition, they returned to a place neither their homeland, to Stockholm, Sweden. In January 2015, they began a new working method and process at Konstfact, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.