Organising Discourse

is an independent postgraduate course at Konstfack, exploring and developing platforms for discourse within the crafts, design and architecture. It aims to support and invigorate the development of new conceptual and physical spaces for presentation and display, meetings, discussions and debate, research and modes of production, etc. Within the crafts, design and architecture, it focuses on experimental, investigative and critical practices.

Workshop with Can Altay (TR), Konstfack library, March 2015

Workshop with Can Altay (TR), Konstfack library, March 2015

Organising Discourse is based on a series of lectures and workshops with invited Swedish and international professionals within the fields of design, craft, architecture and art, bringing a wide perspective on the idea of discursive platforms. The course will provide participants with both an overview and detailed insights into curating, organising projects and events, self-initiating and collaborating activities, alternative publishing, setting up small scale/independent organisations/institutions etc. It is a practice-based course that will combine lectures, workshops, research and writing with developing and organising real projects.

The one-year (two semesters) part-time course is designed to offer the participants the possibility to combine with professional practice. The first part of the course will focus on research on and learning about existing forms of discursive platforms, working methods and tactics. This period will combine intense 2-4 days lecture, seminar and workshop sessions with an individual research project, developed and executed by each participant. The research project is presented as a written essay and examined at the end of the first semester. In the second part of the course the students will develop an individual or collaborative project as an example of a discursive platform. Through out this period a series of seminars and tutorial sessions are organized. The project is presented through its physical/spatial/performative realization and in the final examination that includes a verbal as well as a written presentation.

The course is aimed at professionals working within the fields of craft, design, architecture, fine art, art history, critical studies, curatorial studies or in other related fields. Participants are expected to have professional experience, and a desire to challenge and expand the fields of crafts, design and architecture through organizational, curatorial, writing and collaborative practices.

Course leader and coordinator is Magnus Ericson (see PEOPLE for more information).

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